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Uganda to the Tetons

Submitted by: Galen Knowles

The story of an unlikely snowboarder.

Comments (47)

Matt Wright said:

Posted 27 weeks 1 day ago

So many great moments in this! Captured my heart all the way through. I not only hope this film wins, but hope to see Brolin compete and win the 2018 Winter Olympics. To support skateboarding in Central Wyoming, visit

Janet Moran said:

Posted 27 weeks 2 days ago

What a wonderful story told by the camera and scenery. I'm from England, but will definitely look out for Brolin in the 2018 Winter Olympics and give him a mighty cheer!!

Barb Brandt said:

Posted 27 weeks 3 days ago

The hard work and passion is evident in this amazing film! It's refreshing to see young men using the talents that God has given them. Win or lose these guys are winners! I can't wait to cheer Brolin on in the 2018 Winter Olympics!

liza millet said:

Posted 27 weeks 3 days ago

Hard to believe this team is so young but has such vision, talent and drive to make this great story come alive so well. Cant wait for more!!

Nathan Wallace Adams said:

Posted 27 weeks 3 days ago

What a well-done film and inspiring story!

Landon Wiedenman said:

Posted 27 weeks 4 days ago

This is the most authentic snowboard film I've ever seen. High quality production and the story has merit.

I love how the Secretary of Sport says "we don't have a federation for that sport." And Brolin says "Then let's be the ones to make that federation", without even hesitating. And he gets a "yes".

Ann Brady said:

Posted 27 weeks 4 days ago

Keep pursuing your dream, Brolin. We will be cheering for you!

Jonathan Schechter said:

Posted 27 weeks 4 days ago

A wonderful vision and effort - a great mix of dreams and talent!

Jean Burgess said:

Posted 27 weeks 5 days ago

Great film -- inspirational story and great cinematography. We'll be watching for Brolin at the 2018 Olympics!!

Connor Schwab said:

Posted 28 weeks 15 hours ago

Looks like its going to be an awesome film. Such an inspirational story with great substance. I can't wait to see the final gig!

Bryan Brody said:

Posted 28 weeks 17 hours ago

Top Notch! These kids go too hard.

Timothy Anderson said:

Posted 28 weeks 1 day ago

Compelling - the film lures you in. So much to learn to be good in this sport. Great characters and story. Loved the stiff start at the beginning of the meeting with the Secretary General of Sport in Uganda! I will be watching for Brolin in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Thanks mom!

Kathleen Dunnewald said:

Posted 28 weeks 2 days ago

Outstanding! Very inspiring story and cinematography! Really well done!

Mark Robert Gordon said:

Posted 28 weeks 3 days ago

Uplifting and inspirational. There are no geographic boundaries to the human spirit to explore and achieve.

Stephen Jarosek said:

Posted 28 weeks 4 days ago

This film connects with me on many levels... as a migrant, as a skier who is thinking of converting to snowboarding, as someone who loves Jackson Hole... something here about values and what a culture stands for. Nice, professional job.

Sarah Noble said:

Posted 28 weeks 4 days ago

Extremely well done. We all enjoyed it!

M Jay Homer said:

Posted 28 weeks 5 days ago

My family and I enjoyed watching this film. A great message and cinematically smart. Loved Brolin's mentor, the guy with the "Stoked" hat. Good luck!

Linda Nakamine said:

Posted 28 weeks 5 days ago

Inspiring story and beautiful cinematography! Wonderful job! Looking forward to seeing it all come together.

Jason Privett said:

Posted 28 weeks 5 days ago

I got the chills when I first saw this story! Great people doing greater things! Stoked to help and see what comes next! Snowboarding saves lives!!

Robin McGee said:

Posted 28 weeks 5 days ago


Susan Pieper-Bailey said:

Posted 28 weeks 5 days ago

Brolin's journey and the support he's received from his brothers and the snowboarding community is moving. The cinematography and editing is really good too. Good luck on this contest and looking forward to seeing your full-length film.

Bryan Dunnewald said:

Posted 28 weeks 5 days ago


Sandy Schultz Hessler said:

Posted 28 weeks 5 days ago

It's real. It's touching. It defines perseverance and resilience. And, it totally has me leaning in and connected -- and as their mom, I know them pretty well.

Harry S. Davis said:

Posted 28 weeks 6 days ago

What a terrific film. Not only is the story a compelling one -- the journey of a young Ugandan to snowboard in the Olympics -- but the cinematography is first rate.

Charlie Reiff said:

Posted 28 weeks 6 days ago

Awesome! Production quality is clean. Cinematography is excellent. All these practical components allow this story to be told in a meaningful and engaging way. The story is what makes this project unique, and it's definitely one worth spending time and effort to tell properly. Great job guys!

Steve Jansen said:

Posted 28 weeks 6 days ago

Great story, great film. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Andrea Cadwell Lynes said:

Posted 29 weeks 8 hours ago

So exciting to see this project coming together - great production in tricky conditions; I especially compliment you on the sound.

Adam Scott said:

Posted 29 weeks 9 hours ago

Great story - amazing action - beautiful imagery!

Lance Windey said:

Posted 29 weeks 10 hours ago

Encouraging and uplifting.....Great to see how sports can unite people..Powerful

Madis Bachmann said:

Posted 29 weeks 18 hours ago

The video is beautifully done and it has a great story! It made me want to snowboard with you guys. Greetings from Estonia!

Elaine Pace said:

Posted 29 weeks 20 hours ago

As the mom of two Ethiopian kids who saw snow for the first time last year and continue to be enamored with it, I am fascinated by this movie. I want to watch every minute with them. Thank you for the beautiful cinematography and sensitive approach to this heartwarming story. Well done!

Jehangir S. Pocha said:

Posted 29 weeks 21 hours ago

Beautiful and moving. Sensitive yet powerful. Congratulations!

Liz Gibbs said:

Posted 29 weeks 21 hours ago

Incredible story from a very talented young team. Half my heart lies in East Africa and the other half in Jackson - can't wait for the world to have a glimpse into the best two places on earth!

Gary Silberberg said:

Posted 29 weeks 22 hours ago

Fantastic story and great filmmaking!

Brooke Rice said:

Posted 29 weeks 23 hours ago

One of the most inspiring stories I have ever seen!

Jarrell James said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

"It is an Olympic sport though" hahahaha love that.

Sam Delson said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

A compelling story, powerfully told by a talented young filmmaker. I look forward to the feature-length version.

Elaine Lipworth said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

Very inspiring story - beautifully shot, related simply and effectively. I love it.

SeeThe Light said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

Inspiring story of friendship and determination. Excellent production quality. Eager to see what happens :)

Albert Cianci said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

Great film and inspiring story! Cant wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds. Good Luck!

Jake Hawkes said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

Great video, first one all the way through!

Lisa Samford said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

AWESOME JOB! This is a beautifully crafted and empowering film with many story layers: Brolin as a Ugandan refugee, overcoming so many obstacles to eventually find his true self in an unlikely life-path alongside his chosen brothers, in Wyoming. I can't wait to see the full feature documenting his track to the next winter Olympics. It is going to be a state tradition--first the Jamaican bobsledders (coming from Evanston to the Olympics) now Brolin! He is going to make Wyoming proud, and you are doing a fantastic job in giving this complicated story the attention it deserves.

Nick Ranieri said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

What a powerful story! Awesome to see a guy push the limits of what's been done before, I can't wait to see the full film!

Shaun Nakamine said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

The stunning shots of Jackson's surroundings and the TETONS not only make me want to move there and snowboard there daily, but this short made me wish I shared a place like this with brothers that share the same passion to push another.

Kip Perry said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

I've been to Jackson Hole and the surrounding area a few times (both winter and summer) and loved it. Stunning place to ski, awesome dude ranches, and, of course, Yellowstone... Beyond the fascinating story here, I'm ready for a return visit!

Adam Schellenberg said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

Jackson Hole is a magical place, this video is an example of that

Albert Critchfield said:

Posted 29 weeks 1 day ago

This short film is awesome, I can't wait for the full film!

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